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The SAFAS Concept of Sustainable Spectroscopy, exclusively reserved to our Customers

Most of our customers usually choose SAFAS instruments because they are looking for the highest sensitivity and speed, love our ingenious solutions, or require some of our breakthrough technologies for their applications. Often, it’s also because they want our powerful and user-friendly software, need accurate compliance on standards, or our legendary reliability. Sometimes, it’s just because they want to have the best service, with competence and fast-feedback of skilled engineers and spectroscopists.

In reality, there is another good reason to choose the Quality of a SAFAS instrument... In the world, every minute, thousands of apparatus are scrapped, involving an amazing accumulation of waste and threatening the future of our children. In the Scientific World, instruments which could have been used for 10 more years often have to be replaced just because of basic spare parts no more available, no more service or assistance, obsolete software, no more compliance on standards, loss of reliability, or new technologies only available on new instruments. Sometimes it’s just planned obsolescence, involving useless expenses for the lab’ and progressively turning the planet to a junkyard.

Over decades, this regular purchase of new instruments is a big waste of budgets for the laboratories. On the contrary, since 1952, because of a certain idea of commitment to customer satisfaction, SAFAS has always been manufacturing Quality instruments, rugged, able to work for many years with long term compliance and minimum ownership costs; our concept of Evolutivity enables to upgrade instruments depending on needs and budgets, and when it is possible, most of the new options are developed so as to be compatible with instruments already in use.

Regarding software, since 1988, when we introduced the world’s first 100% PC controlled spectrophotometer, ALL our instruments benefit from our policy of free software updates (excepted CD/shipment costs and special,software); FDA CFR21 part11,option is now available for ALL these instruments. And for most of them, whatever could be their age, we make our best to keep spare parts in stock...

This is our global concept of SUSTAINABLE SPECTROSCOPY: a strong contribution to SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, and a lot of money spared for our customers... Thus, choosing a SAFAS instrument is also Your personal contribution to our planet.