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SAFAS : evolutive spectroscopy since 62 years

Since more than half a century, SAFAS offers versatile and multivalent instruments; they offer not only an accurate and astute design, but also an unique evolutivity. In 1959, when SAFAS introduced the world’s first grating spectrofluorometer in the world, SAFAS also pioneered by offering the first additional module for Absorbance and Reflectance, a standard mercury lamp for wavelength validation, and a lot of other possible evolutions. A few years later, SAFAS introduced the first digital display spectrophotometer, and offered a module to upgrade all its instruments sold since 1958 by adding digital display option...

SAFAS also introduced the world’s first Atomic Absorption module to be added to a UV-Vis spectrophotometer, providing both functionalities to a single unit. Then SAFAS introduced the first "Vis" spectrophotometers evolutive to "UV-Vis" spectroscopy, the first single-beams evoluting to double beam, etc...

Thanks to this unique concept, you can add options, increase performances, add analytical techniques and/or kinds of samples, depending on your needs and successive budgets.

Today, more than ever before, you can profit by that concept to get maximum profit from reduced budgets; your single-beam can be turned to a double-beam, your cuvette spectrofluorometer can also become a microplate reader, your luminometer can receive additional injectors, a Fluorescence option and/or an Absorbance option... the possibilities are amazing.

Before purchasing an old-fashioned or frozen technology, discover the unique evolutivity and multivalence of SAFAS instruments. You will also profit by our legendary reliability and superb performances ...by the inventor of evolutivity in spectroscopy.