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PATENTED device for FLUORESCENCE measurements on LIVING CELLULAS, fixed or grown-up on quartz lamellas, in controlled medium (perifusion)

Fluorescence measurements on cellulas grown-up or fixed on glass or quartz lamellas are always subject to many problems, due to samples preparation and handling, reproducibility of samples position, measurements altered by scattering and reflectance, and overall for injecting the perifusion media.

The association of the outstanding performances of the SAFAS Xenius and of the astute patented device enable to get an exceptional measurement quality and reproducibility, and to achieve quickly and efficiently the perifusion experiments.

Developed in partnership with the laboratory INRA / UNSA UMR Rose of Nice (France), this technology particulary enables to achieve accurate and reproducible measurements of kinetics of intracellular parameters (for example pHi) due to successive modifications of the extracellular media (pO2, pCO2, pH, etc...) at controlled temperature.

The SAFAS Xenius also enables to achieve a fast multiwavelength measurement of fluorescence, for example for intracellular Calcium, as well as to enter all calculation formulas and directly get on your screen all your curves in real time.

This solution is also a very good substitute to the usual techniques requiring a reversed microscope with filter turret, or a confocal microscope.

Many applications are possible, particularly in the fields of Cellular Physiology, in Pharmacology, in Toxicology and Ecotoxicology, as well as in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Veterinary labs.

Obviously, this patented device is compatible with all the other options of the Xenius, and does not require a tedious mounting or dismantling of accessories; it can easily and quickly be inserted, and all the other applications remain available at any moment: measurements on 10 cuvettes, on microplates, in situ by fiber optics, measurements of bioluminescence, absorbance, fluorescence and phosphorescence, as well as BRET, FRET and anisotropy with polarizers, etc...